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Crohn's and Colitis Diet and Lifestyle.

Diet is maybe not the best choice of words as when we say we are going on a diet we are usually thinking short term to get in shape for summer or a family wedding. But with IBD there is no short term options as your crohn's or colitis is not going anywhere anytime soon so if you are planning to change your diet it should be a long term lifestyle change. There is no point in making changes to your diet sticking with it for 2-3 months before reverting back to your old habits. It is hard to stick to a long term plan and we will all go through phases of falling of the diet wagon. But below you will find a few tips that may help you stick it out.

Crohns and Colitis Breakfast

Crohn's Disease Ulcerative Colitis Meal Plan 1 

We are all different and some foods that I can tolerate you may not. A crohn's or colitis diet is highly individual so please experiment and add or replace ingredients that don't agree with you


Oats and banana pancakes.

I know when we hear the word fiber it can cause some heart palpatations but oats are a great source of soluble fiber and not the nasty insoluble fiber that you will find in fruit and veg. Insoluble fiber draws water into the colon and for IBD sufferers that is not ideal. However oats contain soluble fiber which absorbs water and digests over a few hours which should help keep your energy levels up and be easy on the gut compared to raw veggies. Bananas are also super easy to digest and packed full of energy. Sprinkle with cinnamon which is in my mind is a super food. It's medicinal properties are legendary so its a must for any meal you can squeeze it into. 


Blend oats, milk (or almond milk) and banana in a blender till you get desired consistency. Fry on a non-stick frying pan. Top with cinnamon and enjoy. It's super quick and easy and loaded with energy. Plus it tastes delicious.



Grilled Salmon drizzled with honey.

For health benefits Salmon sells itself. Its rich in Omega-3, antioxidants and numerous other goodies. More importantly for IBD patients its an excellent source of B vitamins and it helps reduce inflammation markers.

Simply grill 1 salmon fillet drizzle with honey and serve with a side salad of your choosing. I'm not really a fan of fish myself but I do love the combination of Salmon and honey it makes for a delicious and healthy lunch. 


Roasted Chicken and Potato Bake.

This is super easy to make and super healthy. Its basically chicken drumsticks and potatoes thrown into a baking dish and flung into the oven. Rather than go over the recipe I have linked to the video were I first came across the recipe.