Bone Broth for Crohns

Bone Broths and Crohn's and Colitis.

Treating IBD symptoms with Bone Broth.

This is something I have wanted to blog about for a while but I thought I would hold off a bit and see how I got through the winter before I jumped on the bandwagon and started publicly raving about bone broths. I've been drinking bone broths now for around 8 months and that's 5-6 days a week and I have stuck to it pretty well. The only time I stopped drinking it was last summer in the heat wave and within 10 days of stopping I was on a small dose of steroids having to stop a flare in its tracks.


But its been over the winter that I have really seen the benefits and I have to say for me its had the same life changing impact as I got when I first started on humira. I've been taking humira now for around 5 years along with 100mg of 6MP. For those that don't know Humira is a a biologic treatment that effects your immune system and 6mp is a chemotherapy drug that also suppresses your immune system. Although I couldn't do without these drugs they leave crohn's and colitis patients open to all sorts of infections and if there is a bug or flu going around your liable to pick it up.

So for me the last 5 winters have been miserable from November through to March/April time I would be constantly sick. If I wasn't bed ridden with a bug or infection I would just constantly feel tired or on the verge of catching something. Some weeks would be better than others but I generally dreaded the approaching winter because I knew what I was in for. I couldn't exercise because my energy levels were so low and all the hard work I had done over the summer would be undone then over the winter and I was getting pretty frustrated with it.

This is my first winter drinking bone broths and I can say now on the 3rd of February as I write this I have not had so much as a sniffle all winter. My energy levels haven't dropped off all winter and at the moment I am exercising most days which I haven't been able to manage in winter time in many a year. In saying that January wasn't my best month for exercise but that was all down to my own laziness. My diet over xmas wasn't all that good I got lazy and dropped out of my routine slightly. But I re-focused the last week or so and am now back in the grove.

I really recommend anyone reading this gives bone broths a try. Remember its just leftovers from the dinner. Chicken carcass into a pyrex dish with some veggies and herbs and leave it cooking while you go about your day. Ill do a more detailed bone broth blog in the next few days and I will also post a video. But if you are going to give it a go you need to be drinking it most days. 1 cup a day for at least 5 days a week. 

I do not claim this or any other diet/food as a cure. I take meds myself but I hope this may help relieve symptoms and improve energy 

**We are all different and some foods that I can tolerate you may not. A crohn's or colitis diet is highly individual so please experiment and add or replace ingredients that don't agree with you**