Bone Broth for Colitis

Bone Broths and Crohn's and Colitis.

Treating IBD symptoms with Bone Broth.

This is something I have wanted to blog about for a while but I thought I would hold off a bit and see how I got through the winter before I jumped on the bandwagon and started publicly raving about bone broths. I've been drinking bone broths now for around 8 months and that's 5-6 days a week and I have stuck to it pretty well. The only time I stopped drinking it was last summer in the heat wave and within 10 days of stopping I was on a small dose of steroids having to stop a flare in its tracks.

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Firstly I would like to welcome you to my website living with Crohn's and Colitis. I would like to stress before you start browsing the site that this website is not advocating diet or exercise as a cause or cure for either Crohns disease or Ulcerative Colitis. I am not claiming that following a diet or exercise program will cure your ailments or solve all your problems I know from personal experience this is not the case. I do firmly believe though that diet and exercise will vastly improve your situation whether its from a physical or mental standpoint. I would also advise that any exercise or diets you come across on my site or anywhere else for that matter is approached in a sensible matter. Ease yourself in gently and be sure consult your doctor or gastro team before you start any exercise or diet regime.